Boracol 20

Boracol 20

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NOTE! For professional use only. Applications: In Wood, Masonry, Concrete  etc. Preventive & combative wood preservatives for use against
  • Swamp insects such as house goats, streaky wood rodents and other wood destroying insects
  • Root & Mushroom
  • Genuine House sponge
Boracol® 20 is a combative and preventive / preventative wood preservative against wood destroying insects, rot and fungus. Active substance: Concentrated borates, diluted to ready-to-use solution with additive of diffusion agent. The combination of the active substances gives the Boracolen a unique penetration ability, in other words it follows with moisture into the wood.


Use solution = should not be diluted
  1. Brush
  2. Roll
  3. Grebe
  4. "Watering" in boreholes in combination with Impel insertion
  5. Pressure injection through valves
Ensure good ventilation, if inadequate: use respiratory protection. Wear gloves and goggles. Treated space can be accessed after about 1 day. Moving into the treated space can take place about 2 days after the treatment / remediation


Genuine House fungus & insect infestation: 1 liter to 2 sqm Mushroom damage: 1 liter to 2 - 3 sqm For detailed instructions, see the Instructions Sketch of approach to the fungus in the area where wood and wall meet in the building to see Genuine dry rot in wood and masonry - Action Description   Read Reviews On Best Dive Computer


1-liters, 5-liters samt 20-liters förpackning